The League of Women Voters of Roseville Area that includes Roseville, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Maplewood, and Falcon Heights, has adopted positions regarding several issues of local importance. By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to a downloadable copy of those position statements.  Click here for link.

After the March...What's Next?

On January 21, 2017 millions of women and men around the world, including close to 100,000 in Minnesota, joined together to make their voices heard.  Many now are asking “What’s Next?  What can we do so we don’t lose our momentum?”

Here are some suggestions from the League of Women Voters U.S.

  • Join the League of Women Voters.  League is a group of engaged and caring individuals trying to make a difference in their communities.
  • Register to vote, and encourage your friends to do so
  • Make a donation to League
  • Call/write your congressional and legislative representatives to make them aware of your views.

To sign up to receive updates on State legislation, you can electronically subscribe to the one of a number of publications distributed by the House and Senate.  To access the Legislature’s website where you can do so, click here.. 


Before You Vote...Know the Facts

The Leage of Women Voters Minnesota has created a fact sheet regarding the proposed constitutional amendment that removes state lawmakers' power to set their own pay.

Get all the facts here.



Police Study

Beginning in summer 2015, our League conducted a year-long study of police services and trainings in our five cities. The officer trainings studied were those educating officers to avoid racial profiling and how to handle crises involving people with mental illness and domestic abuse situations.

Ally or Savior?

Florence Sprague, LWV Roseville Area member, has written timely articles about racism and implicit bias. In the February 2016 issue of the Voter, she addressed ways that white people can participate in solutions to the problems in relevent and meaningful ways. To read the article, click here.  

 In the March 2016 Voter, Florence gives more ideas on becomingn an ally.  Click here to read that article.


Lillie Suburban News Addresses League Police Study

The August 2, 2016 issue of Lillie Suburan Newspapers published an article about how the League Police Study came about, and its relevance in light of the death of Philando Castile.  The article includes interviews with League member Mindy Greiling and League president Rita Mills.  Read the entire article here.