Trees: Guardians of Health, Happiness, and Equity, April 18, 2023

Join us April 18 at 6:30 pm for a discussion on our urban treescape with Peter McDonagh, horticulturist, arborist, and renowned urban tree specialist, and Ben Shardlow, a “Tree Activist,” with the 100 Trees Project. McDonagh will discuss the many societal benefits of trees while Shardlow will share his experiences expanding and sustaining our tree canopy in all areas of our urban landscape. Co-sponsored by the Ramsey County Library and the League of Women Voters, Roseville Area. 


windows and mirrors - Should Public Transit Be Free? - florence sprague - april 2023

LWVUS Position: The League believes that energy-efficient and environmentally sound transportation systems should afford better access to housing and jobs and the League will continue to examine transportation policies in light of these goals. [Basic Human Needs: Access to Transportation]

LWVRA Position: Support transportation options that serve the needs of the area. [1983 Social Policy #3]

LWVUS Position: LWVUS believes that it is in the national interest to promote the well-being of America’s cities…The League is committed to an urban environment beneficial to life and to resource management in the public interest. [Urban Policy]

Do you ride the bus? I live only a block from a bus line, but I only occasionally ride the bus. A fascinating episode of Freakonomics Radio [August 24, 2022 Free Transit?] discusses our title question and the online introduction observes, “It boosts economic opportunity and social mobility. It’s good for the environment. So why do we charge people to use it? The short answer: it’s complicated.”


April 2023 newsletter

In This Issue: April Event on Trees  |  Annual Meeting  |  League Event Calendar  | President’s Article  |  Member Spotlight: Kitty Gogins  |  Planting Urban Trees  | Minnesota Students & Climate Change  |  Membership Renewal  |  Nominations Committee Report  | 2023-2024 Proposed Budget  |  Windows & Mirrors  |  March Event Recap  |  League in Action

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cmal february 2023 newsletter

In this latest issue of the Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues (CMAL) newsletter you will find a recap of the January quarterly meeting and information on Elect not Appoint the Met Council.

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2023 Student Recognition Scholarship in Memory of Barbara L Anderson

The League of Women Voters of Roseville Area Student Recognition Scholarship is given this year in memory of Barbara L. Anderson who died unexpectedly in December 2022. Ms. Anderson was passionate about education and enthusiastic in her support of high school scholarships. She was an avid reader and loved to travel near and far. She graduated from the Roseville Area Schools and earned her BS in Education and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Anderson retired in 2013 after a 30-year career with the Roseville Area Schools, including as Manager of Finance. At the time of her death, she was President of LWV of Roseville Area and an LWV Minnesota Board member, among other volunteer efforts. She was beloved by her many friends and family.

The League honors her devotion to education and access for all by presenting this scholarship in her memory.


windows and mirrors - stepping up - florence sprague - march 2023

Much of the wealth of this nation is founded upon the unpaid labor of kidnapped and enslaved people, unwillingly transported to North America from Africa. It is an ugly fact. Uglier still, though, is the fact that more than 150 years after slavery was abolished, the descendants of those enslaved people are not equitably included in the wealth of this society.

For too long we have stumbled over the immense challenge of determining how, and to whom, reparatory payments or benefits should be distributed, but in recent years communities have begun to step beyond the search for the perfect solution to doing something good, rather than nothing.

Windows and Mirrors - Read, Think, Do - Florence Sprague - February 2023

After a painfully long time since the first incursion of Europeans onto North America we have entered an era of the Indigenous Land Acknowledgement. You have likely seen and heard them in many places, from the start of events for League, the Guthrie Theater, your place of worship, museums, restaurants…well, just about everywhere it seems, and this is a good thing.

LWVMN recently released the version shown on the right []. When drafting this wording, LWVMN used many resources in the indigenous community, particularly the Native Governance Center. I encourage you to go to LWVMN’s Indigenous Land Acknowledgement page and read the interesting resources that accompany the statement.