Windows and Mirrors - Evolving Language - Florence Sprague - October 2023

I will never claim to be the most up-to-date on the evolution of the English language. New slang is constantly surprising or mystifying me. I will also admit to being a bit of a curmudgeon in defense of “good” grammar. Still, there are changes to terminology I see and hear used with diversity topics that seem positive.

This begins, of course, with the move from talk of diversity to inclusion and equity, and now belonging. This change in language reflects the realization that numbers or mere presence is not an accomplishment to be sought. What is needed is a truer meshing of groups. 

One good source of teaching resources on DEI has long been the magazine, now providing online resources, for educators from the Southern Poverty Law Center. This was called Teaching Tolerance; it is now called Learning for Justice. This reflects the reality that tolerance is much too minimal a goal. Who feels good when just “tolerated.” It makes me think of a younger sibling tagging along with the big kids. They may be tolerated, but often are not truly included. Fortunately, society is now ready to be more attuned to a larger goal—justice.

Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Our Community, September 12, 2023, 5:30 PM

If you missed this very informative program, here is the link to watch:

Join us for an enlightening evening as we delve into Artificial Intelligence (AI) in key areas of our community, focusing on the innovative applications in education, human services, and voting, and how it is revolutionizing these fields to create change. In-person at Ramsey County Library Roseville, Tuesday, September 12, 5:30 PM gathering and social, program 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Presented by the League of Women Voters Roseville Area, in collaboration with Ramsey County Library and Do Good Roseville. 


Housing Dilemma for Adults With Serious Mental Illness. What Happens After Parents Are Gone?  September 6, 2023, 6:30 PM

The YouTube link for the recording of the September 6 meeting on Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness is ready for viewing.

Join us for this panel discussion on Wednesday, September 6, 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th Street, Edina. Moderated by Alice Hausman, former State Representative and Housing Committee Chair with Panelists - Commissioner Jennifer Leimaile Ho, Commissioner of Minnesota Housing; Eric Grumdahl, DHS Assistant Commissioner of Health, Housing, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing; and Jill Wiedemann-West, CEO of People Incorporated Mental Health Services.


Windows and Mirrors - One of Many - Florence Sprague - September 2023

Not too long ago there was a photo essay in The Atlantic magazine comprised of photos in which there was a single woman in a much larger group of men. The photos were excerpted from the book The Only Woman, by Immy Humes. Humes curates photos that span more than 150 years and crisscross the globe documenting a broad diversity of social, business, educational and cultural settings and reflecting multiple ethnicities, but there is always only one woman among the group of men. 

Windows and Mirrors - Weathering - Florence Sprague - July/August 2023

"The crimes of rape, and of assault and battery were felonies in the slavery era as they are today in any civil society. They were seen then as wrong, immoral, reprehensible, and worthy of the severest punishment. But the country allowed most any atrocity to be inflicted on the black body. Thus, twelve generations of African-Americans faced the ever-present danger of assault and battery or worse, every day of their lives during the quarter millennium of enslavement.”  Caste, Isabel Wilkerson, p. 153 

We have all seen the effects of weathering on the landscape, from the beauty of dramatically sculpted canyons to the terror of coastal homes teetering on undercut coastlines. The forces of wind and water are powerful, working relentlessly to modify the environment.

But what about the figurative wind and water of stress, fear, abuse and other human-made forces that lead to poorer health outcomes? This concept is not brand new, but it is more in the news today.