Windows and Mirrors - E is for Empathy - Florence Sprague

How do you feel about laundry? It may seem a bit silly, but I can’t do laundry without feeling lucky. The many historical novels I read in my youth made a great impression on me. I feel grateful that I do not have to haul water, heat water, make soap, scrub on a washboard, or even feed things through a wringer as I sometimes did as a child before hanging things on the line. No, I just toss things in the washing machine with magic cleaning agents and then toss most of them into the drier. Hardly anything even needs to be ironed! And when new socks are cheap, who mends much?


Windows and Mirrors - ERA

What Goes Around…

By Florence Sprague

 What goes around, comes around, they say. In the case of the ERA, I hope that in this iteration the outcome is different.

 Yes, people are talking about the Equal Rights Amendment again. We still need a law to guarantee equal treatment to women. As more than half of the population, you might not think that this would be necessary, but sadly, it is.


Push and Pull

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