November - December 2018 Voter

This issue of The Voter includes articles about:

  • The upcoming election and where you can find information about voting, and also links to video replays of Candidate Forums
  • Recaps of two recent events, Finding Common Ground on Gun Violence and the CMAL Panel on Metropolitan Governance
  • An article by Florence Sprague called Music or Noise? about sonic prejudice and sonic inclusion
  • A call for volunteers to participate in the Observer Corps

...and much more.

October 2018 Voter

In the October 2018 issue of The Voter you will find:

  • Reflections by President Sherry Hood on several events held in the larger community 
  • A thoughtful essay by Florence Sprague on community engagement at any age
  • Reports on several sponsored events held in September
  • An updated schedule of events for the balance of the 2018-2019 year.

July-August 2018 Voter

This month's Voter is full of information on LWV Roseville Area activites past and future, and includes:

  • Articles by Rita Mills and Barb Anderson on events at the LWVUS National Convention in Chicago
  • An article by Megan Dahlberg about strategies to combat resistance to affordable housing in your community
  • Sherry Hood's first message as President about the LWVUS Convention
  • Details on July and August events, as well as the planned event calendar for the coming year

May-June 2018 Voter

In this issue of The Voter, you will find articles about:

  • The upcoming field trip on June 13 to visit Prior Crossing, a housing facility for homeless youth in St. Paul
  • A message from President Rita Mills on the challenge to get new voters to the polls
  • A recap of the two April unit events, and of the May annual meeting, and
  • An article from Florence Sprague with recommendations for books in the genre of graphic literature

We think you will find it an interesting issue.  There will be no separate June issue.

April 2018 Voter

The latest issue of The Voter contains articles about:

  • The April 17 meeting, whose topic will be Minnesota's Next Steps to Renewable Energy
  • Information on the May 1 Annual Meeting
  • Work of the Voter Services committee in registering new voters
  • Reflections on the March for Our Lives rallies in St. Paul and Baltimore

plus many more.


March 2018 Voter

The March issue of The Voter includes articles about:

  • The March 20 meeting on Redistricting, Democracy and the Census
  • An update on one outcome of the League's 2015-16 police study
  • An interview with League member Nancy Bruggeman, who has acted as an observer at ISD 623 school board meetings

February 2018 Voter

This month's issue of The Voter is packed with information, including:

  • A recap of the January "Conversations with Constituents"
  • Information on the February 6 precinct caucuses
  • City Council and School Board meeting dates for Observer Corps

January 2018 Voter

This issue of The Voter includes articles about:

  • The upcoming event "Conversations with Constituents" on January 23
  • Passing the torch of editorship from Judy Berglund to Rachel Geiser
  • A history of LWV involvement in registering new voters at Naturalization Ceremonies

November 2017 The Voter

Articiles included in this month's Voter are:

  • A preview of November's unit meeting titled "Immigrants"  Participating in Minnesota's Economic Future
  • A message from President Rita Mills on the important work of the Voter Services Committee
  • Another timely message from Florence Sprague on understanding addiction and our attitudes towards it