Upcoming Election Information 2020

1.  Absentee Ballots are mailed out and able to be returned by a prepaid bulk postage rate which is less costly, because of the volume, than each having a first-class stamp.  The Post Office confirmed on Friday, Aug. 14th, that there is NO DIFFERENCE in the speed of delivery.

2.  The specific impact of Federal changes to Post Office funding and operation are unknown at this time.

3.  The recently issued consent decree that removed the witness requirement for registered voters to supply on their Absentee Ballots for the Nov. Election and also extended the deadline by seven days for Ballots postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3rd, to be received in one’s local Elections Office is no longer being challenged.  It is in effect for this election.

          4.  VOTE EARLY!!!   And BE SURE TO CHECK shortly following the mailing in of your Absentee Ballot that it HAS been received!

     * Access MNvotes.org, “Other Ways to Vote”, then “Tracking your Ballot”
     * Or phone your local Elections Office (Ramsey Co. is 651-266-2171)

5.  The Secretary of State’s Office will be mailing out applications for Absentee Ballots, along with instructions for how to apply on-line, to registered voters who have not applied for one in the next few weeks.  (Allow for some possible “crossing in the mail” if you receive an application and have already applied for an Absentee Ballot.)  Other organizations, such as AARP, are also mailing out unsolicited applications for Absentee Ballots.  Check about the status of your application for and/or receipt of your mailed in Ballot on-line or via phone.  (See above).

6.  Early in-person voting at centers will begin on Sept. 18th