The Refugee Journey in 2018 - Tuesday, September 4

Refugee resettlement to the United States has been slashed over the last year and the number of new refugees entering the country is at a historic low. How are refugee resettlement groups navigating the political turmoil to help refugees start over in a new community? Join us to learn what refugee status means, how refugees are getting to Minnesota today and how the International Institute of Minnesota is navigating administrative roadblocks to help resettle and welcome hundreds of refugees. Guest speakers will guide participants through the refugee journey, from life in the refugee camp to the details of the resettlement process. They will also talk about how newcomers are adjusting to their new lives here in Minnesota and what the future holds for refugee populations around the world. The presentation will be followed by time for Q&A. Presented in partnership with Do Good Roseville and the Ramsey County Library - Shoreview.  Tuesday, September 4, 7:p.m.  Ramsey County Library, Shoreview, 4560 Victoria Street N, Shoreview.  Free and open to the public.