Legalizing Equality - Is the ERA Still Needed? August 20

The Equal Rights Amendment was first proposed in 1923 by suffragist Alice Paul and was finally approved by the House of Representatives in 1971 and the Senate the following year.  It needed ratification by 38 state legislatures, but by the deadline in 1982 only 35 had.  Since then two more states have ratified it.  ERA Minnesota is part of a movement to extend the deadline and convince one more state to back the amendment.

The League of Women Voters Roseville Area will host a presentation on behalf of the MN NOW Equality NOW Committee by Kathleen Murphy, Vice President of ERA Minnesota, and daughter of LWV Roseville Area member Joyce Briggs,  Ms. Murphy will show the documentary Legalize Equality, detailing the economic effects of the ERA, discuss what is happening legislatively in Minnesota and update efforts at the national effort.

Price of Peace Lutheran Church, 2561 Victoria St., Roseville.  6:30 - 8 pm.  Free and open to the public