Conversations with Constituents - Questions and Answers

How are our communities and county dealing with transit and infrastructure needs, green initiatives to respond to our changing climate, and budget challenges? These and other key issues came into focus at this year's "Conversations with Constituents" on January 15 at Roseville City Hall.  On hand were mayors from our five cities, four Ramsey county commissioners and two local school board representatives for timely and thoughtful conversations with 60 in attendance, including 38 LWV-RA members!

As we broke out into three groups, topics covered were wide-ranging, including water quality,environment, transit, city comprehensive plans, healthcare challenges, affordable housing, budget challenges and opportunities, and gun safety issues. Here is a link to CTV15's recap of the event.

We were reminded how much all levels of government are intertwined, and how they often affect each other. So many in attendance were impressed with the depth of knowledge and work ethic our elected office holders brought to the dialogues! Thank you to all who made this annual event a success!

Officials in attendance: Mayors: Falcon Heights Council Member Mark Miazga (Mayor Peter Lindstrom could not attend): Roseville Mayor Dan Roe: Little Canada Mayor John Keis: Maplewood Council Member Kathy Juenemann (newly-elected Mayor Marylee Abrams could not attend)

Ramsey Co Commissioners:Victoria Reinhardt, Mary Jo McGuire, Blake Huffman, Trista MatasCastillo

School Board Chairs: Kitty Goggins  - Dist 623: Curtis Johnson, School Board member Dist 623 graciously joined Kitty for the discussions.  Not attending: Michelle Yener, Dist 622 and Jonathan Weinhagan Mounds View Schools, were expected but could not attend at the last minute.