February 2018 Voter

This month's issue of The Voter is packed with information, including:

  • A recap of the January "Conversations with Constituents"
  • Information on the February 6 precinct caucuses
  • City Council and School Board meeting dates for Observer Corps

January 2018 Voter

This issue of The Voter includes articles about:

  • The upcoming event "Conversations with Constituents" on January 23
  • Passing the torch of editorship from Judy Berglund to Rachel Geiser
  • A history of LWV involvement in registering new voters at Naturalization Ceremonies

November 2017 The Voter

Articiles included in this month's Voter are:

  • A preview of November's unit meeting titled "Immigrants"  Participating in Minnesota's Economic Future
  • A message from President Rita Mills on the important work of the Voter Services Committee
  • Another timely message from Florence Sprague on understanding addiction and our attitudes towards it

October 2017 Voter

This month's Voter is packed with information, including:

  • A calendar of upcoming programs for this year
  • Information on the newly trained "Oberver Corps" designed to monitor local governents for issues relevent to League
  • An article by Florence Sprague about food insecurity and its causes

September 2017 The Voter

In this issue, you will find several interesting articles, inclluding:

  • A schedule of programs planned for the coming year, including information on the September panel on homelessness
  • League's support for mental health liaison officers in Roseville on police forces
  • An article by Florence Sprague that encourages us to examine our feelings and biases about affordable housing in our communities

June 2017 Voter

This issue of the Voter includes these articles:

  • A message from Rita Mills that contains an outline of a typical League year
  • A schedule of presentations to local cities of the local Affordable Housing Study and related recommendations
  • An article by League member Florence Sprague about the new, bright voice of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a women's rights advocate

April 2017 Voter

This issue of the Voter contains information on the following:

  • An article about the Annual Meeting that will be held on May 2
  • An article about the April 18 unit meeting at which the results of the Housing Study will be presented
  • A thoughtful article by Florence Sprague about the lack of balance in society 

March 2017 Voter

In this issue of The Voter you will find

  • A message from President Rita Mills about how League works
  • Articles about several upcoming events
  • Another insightful article from Florence Sprague about the Equal Rights Amendment 

February 2017 Voter

Included in this month’s Voter are articles about:

  • The February Unit Meeting that will host a panel discussion by housing experts
  • A message from President Rita Mills about what’s next after the Women’s March
  • Article by Florence Sprague about politically correct speech and how language shapes our thoughts

January 2017 Voter

Included in this month's Voter are articles about:

  • Upcoming "Conversations With Constituents" event
  • LWV Roseville Area position on the Women's March in Washington, DC and elsewhere
  • Article by Florence Sprague on the First Amendment regarding religious freedom