October 2017 Voter

This month's Voter is packed with information, including:

  • A calendar of upcoming programs for this year
  • Information on the newly trained "Oberver Corps" designed to monitor local governents for issues relevent to League
  • An article by Florence Sprague about food insecurity and its causes

September 2017 The Voter

In this issue, you will find several interesting articles, inclluding:

  • A schedule of programs planned for the coming year, including information on the September panel on homelessness
  • League's support for mental health liaison officers in Roseville on police forces
  • An article by Florence Sprague that encourages us to examine our feelings and biases about affordable housing in our communities

June 2017 Voter

This issue of the Voter includes these articles:

  • A message from Rita Mills that contains an outline of a typical League year
  • A schedule of presentations to local cities of the local Affordable Housing Study and related recommendations
  • An article by League member Florence Sprague about the new, bright voice of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a women's rights advocate

April 2017 Voter

This issue of the Voter contains information on the following:

  • An article about the Annual Meeting that will be held on May 2
  • An article about the April 18 unit meeting at which the results of the Housing Study will be presented
  • A thoughtful article by Florence Sprague about the lack of balance in society 

March 2017 Voter

In this issue of The Voter you will find

  • A message from President Rita Mills about how League works
  • Articles about several upcoming events
  • Another insightful article from Florence Sprague about the Equal Rights Amendment 

February 2017 Voter

Included in this month’s Voter are articles about:

  • The February Unit Meeting that will host a panel discussion by housing experts
  • A message from President Rita Mills about what’s next after the Women’s March
  • Article by Florence Sprague about politically correct speech and how language shapes our thoughts

January 2017 Voter

Included in this month's Voter are articles about:

  • Upcoming "Conversations With Constituents" event
  • LWV Roseville Area position on the Women's March in Washington, DC and elsewhere
  • Article by Florence Sprague on the First Amendment regarding religious freedom 

November 2016 Voter

This month's Voter contains some interesting articles, including:

  • An article about Ann Berry and the contributions she made to the community while a League member
  • Information on League's recent activities educating voters and young people
  • Another interesting article by Florence Sprague and the "push and pull" factors that contribute to immigration

October 2016 Voter

In this issue of The Voter you'll find lots of information related to the coming election.  Also included:

  • Florence Sprague's synopsis and analysis of the book "It's Always a Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota published by the Minnesota Historical Society and edited by Sun Yung Shin
  • League's action to encourage ISD 623 to end the use of styrofoam trays
  • How you can affect climate change